Based in Lleida, Catalonia, Spain.  Javier Pardina is an photographer and multimedia artist, whose commercial work sees him shooting across the advertising, stock agencies, corporate industries for brands, and creative agencies. Born in Lleida, Javier Pardina focused his studies in photography, video, graphic design and 3D. Since 2004, Javier hasn’t stopped improving and updating all these subjects. In 2005 Pardina.co is created, using his surname as his branding. His beginnings where related with music. We can find his works on some of the most talented musicians in Europe, artists like Thomas Lemmer or Cristopher Goze.

Years later, he decided to specialize in abstract photograpy, which he used to develop wallpapers for apps and operative systems like Firefox OS or IOS.In 2013 Javier signed for Mozilla to work on the FIREFOX OS project, to get deeper on their design. In 2015 Stocksy became a reality, together with offset and shutterstock custom and currently he is working on the project KAIOS. As of now, Javier counts with 10000+ pictures spread in different stock agencies and is heavily focused in the advertisement and commercial world, using and merging the video, photography and the 3D. He’s worked on multiple advertisement campaings both nationally and internationally. Improving every day and working with passion Pardina.co is synonym of work, dedication and trust. Welcome!