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Introducing Luminar

Hello Photographers! today I want share with you this review of this interesting photographic software tool : Lumimar.  A priori has been chosen as the best retouch software 2019 by the “TIPA world awards” with this review, we will see what is true in all that. To begin, I will tell you that I have been fiddling with him for several weeks, I have only tried his edition with the last photographs I have taken, all of them of landscapes.Well I have to say, I was very surprised, all my professional life I have edited with lightroom, and although I will continue with it, but it is clear that for  Dron and Landscapes picture, from today, i will only use Luminar, Why?  it is INCREDIBLE how fast it improves the Photo.Really, with just a few clicks, a flat landscape photography seems to have extra “life”, and convey to the client what exactly he wanted, here i show you one faster exemple:


Original Raw Picture
Luminar Boost Picture

My Ratings

Effectiveness: 4/5

Luminar’s RAW editing tools are excellent, and easily the equal of any other RAW editing software that I’ve used.

Price: 4/5

Luminar is priced fairly competitively at a one-time purchase price of $69 (or $59 with this coupon code: PARDINA), and there is a whole roadmap of free updates that will be available in the coming year.

Ease of Use: 5/5

Core editing functionality is very user-friendly. The interface is well-designed for the most part, but some additional customization options in terms of layout would be nice, and the entire program could be optimized a great deal when it comes to thumbnail generation.

Support: 5/5

Luminar has a great introduction process for first-time users, and there is a lot of material available on the Skylum website. There are also third-party tutorials and learning resources available, and this is likely to expand as Skylum keeps developing the Luminar brand.


My Resume

It is fresh and shameless photography software, and his potential is wonderful. The way to personalize and organize the work is intelligent and very practical, especially for my Landscape, Macro and Drone pictures, it is very satisfying to work with it. I’ve been with him for a short time, but he has quickly become my favorite option to get incredible results in record time


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